New and Innovative Tech Ideas for summer

Summer is here and the heat is just killing everyone and making almost every other person go insane. However, there are few things that could cool your minds off. What better way to get through summer apart from some cool tech gadgets. Here is a look at a few ideas that will probably make your summer more bearable.

  1. First in the pocket are the must-have sunscreen pills. Sunscreen lotions are not only oily and greasy but they are simply time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Moreover, after spending enough time applying the lotion all over your body, there might be times when you miss a spot, which is more than enough to get you scarring sunburn. So make way for sunscreen pills. These are not only convenient to administer but also encourages even the lazy heads to play it safe, especially when research says that sun’s harmful rays can cause skin cancer. These come really handy especially if you are planning to chill at the beaches this summer.
  2. The second cool idea that could inspire you is an inflatable kayak. Well for most of them, summers are linked to beaches and the oceans. Hence, for all those athletic or adventurous minds, you do not have to stay all cooped up in your homes this summer. Rather, you could get yourself an inflatable kayak and enjoy the refreshing seas in the same professional manner as you would with a regular kayak. So, if this idea has got you all excited then check out more about these inflatable kayaks at Happy kayaking this summer!
  3. The third cool tech that you could probably have would be a pair of cool yet smart sunglasses to not only protect yourself from the sun’s wrath but also to remain digitally connected to the world in the same time.
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5 Ways Technology Helps Modern Sales Teams Sell More

Sales team are meant to do one thing and do it effectively, which is to sell. There are so many tools and trends in the technological space that have gotten the sales industry churning out results like never before seen. Forward thinking sales teams rely on technologies like advanced analytics, mobile content and cloud computing to sell more. This is why I like the callbox user interface because it makes thing easier to visualize.

Small sales teams can sell more with this combination of powerful tools to enhance their sales process.

Technology can also help the get the latest updates on trends in real time, access timely information and conduct seamless dialog with potential clients without having to pause to get answers. The sales industry is now extra competitive that anyone anticipated and even small sales teams can benefit, not just the big guys.

With technology, sales teams can get what they need whenever they need it. Real time or just-in-time content makes it possible for your sales representatives to avoid overwhelming themselves with info they won’t need by giving them a means to instantly locate content they need at anytime.

Instead of your sales reps digging out content in preparation for meetings or calls, they can spend that time connecting with prospects because every information is ready at a moments notice. With this your sales team is more productive and everyone is happy.

Technology has made I possible for sales teams to respond to questions from prospective customers and clients quickly and almost immediately in some cases. Sales Teams can now access reference information from anywhere which the makes digital dialogue continue without any interruptions.

Before this was possible, sales representatives would have paused the conversation to find out information from a product engineer or the IT team to get the best answer to a tricky question and that is no always good for successful selling. That no longer happens as a result of the advent of technological advancements on all fronts.

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Tips for understanding 3D computer graphics

Looking out for a good 3D rendering studio for your projects? Want good quality 3D animations to boost up your business or to ace your project? When you start shopping around for a good graphics designer, you are bound to hear “my 3d rendering studio in sydney is the best” but are you sure this is the best? Our favorite is

In order to be certain you are investing in the right place, you need to know a little about 3D rendering and computer graphics. Here are some tips to help anyone understand this complicated world a little more:

What Is 3D?

So what exactly is 3D? This is nothing but the same image you see on paper but in 3 dimensions. The images are usually printed in 2 dimensional, which gives you the flat look. If one remembers high school geometry, they will be familiar with X axis and Y axis. This is what exists in 2D, but in a 3D, there is a Z-axis, which gives the depth to the drawing.

3D in Computer Graphics

So how does 3D fit into the world of computer graphics? Any image that is represented on a three-axis system is a 3D image. Unlike real-world objects are shown in 3D, where the objects exist and you can touch and feel, these computer graphics drawing are only mathematically represented. Meaning, this is just a collection of data points that mark a number of different coordinates in the digital space, thus making the image look almost real.

If this is done well, the image looks more real. The key to finding the best designer for your 3D renders is to see how realistic the renders are. The more they look like photographs, the better they are.

The Software

For those who are interested in doing the 3D renders themselves, this is not a complicated task anymore. There are a number of software packages for creating 3D images and these programs do the math themselves. Most of this software has the ability to display the 3D model in semi-realistic light and textures, giving you a chance to check your image before processing it.

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How Portable Adaptive Lighting can be Better for You

If you are an active individual who likes to cycle, trek or just plain walk at times, you will find it cumbersome to have different gear for different uses, especially in the lighting department. It can be frustrating at times to carry a flashlight for walks, a headlamp for trekking and a bike lamp for cycling. How would you like just one lamp for all occasions?

PAL – portable adaptive lighting is your pal in the true sense of the word. This technology can be paired with any accessory and can be used anywhere. This is a versatile lighting system that is suited for both indoors and outdoors.

How does PAL work?

PAL can be operated single-handedly. The uniqueness of this system is its smooth transition from electrical to mechanical to the magnetic connection. The tongue of the device has electrical contacts which allow electricity to pass between PAL and the accessories through Power coupling. The double tongue and a slot design ensure that the device is securely connected to the accessories mechanically. Finally, the magnetic poles ensure that the device is locked when rotated and is ready to use.

What about brightness

Lumen determine the brightness of a bulb; the higher the lumen the brighter and more intense the light. Just like you must know what flashlight has the most lumens, you must be aware of the brightness in PAL; you will be pleased to know that it has 350-lumen brightness. It has three powerful Cree XP-L LED bulbs to illuminate the way which is more than enough for all outdoor and indoor activities.

Why is PAL better

It is shock and water resistant and has intuitive buttons for easy usage. It can give up to 15 hours of unlimited light. It is easy to unscrew from the wall and connect to any device be it a head mount or a bicycle mount. It can be wall charged or USB charged thus be ready whenever the need arises.

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The Difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies

Those who are without – having little or no knowledge about cryptocurrencies – will seldom think Bitcoin and Blockchain are the same. However, the two terms may be synonymous to cryptocurrencies but they have some dissimilarities [between these two technologies] that set them apart.

Before I proceed further; I will like to define the two terms – Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that can be used as a medium of exchange in a peer-to-peer network. It permits the transaction between users without the intervention of any intermediary. Though a digital currency, Bitcoin can be traded and used to pay for goods and services rendered by a couple of merchants accept that such (means of payment).

Blockchain, on the other hand, is a distributed ledger unto which the digital transactions taking place in a peer-to-peer network are recorded. It is usually generated when there is a repeated grouping of freshly sanctioned transactions into block.

I shall now touch on some of the differences between the two technologies under the following headings:


Blockchain is a much more substantive technology in that it covers a whole lot more than just cryptocurrencies. Technologists have etched out means of utilizing Blockchain in other far-reaching ways as majorly observable in the financial market. Again, it is safe to say that there wouldn’t have been Bitcoin without Blockchain. And Bitcoin is just what it is – a digital currency.


While Blockchain is operated as a distributed ledger – a platform in itself – which shows encrypted transaction that has been verified by ‘miners’; Bitcoin technology is a decentralized payment system used in peer-to-peer digital setting.


The fact that Bitcoin technology allows transactions to take place without the users (that is, the ones carrying out the transactions) being traceable has often left people with some doubts on how secure the system is. Blockchain technology has however been found to be a more transparent one as it is traceable and does not give room for any form of illicit alterations.

There’s more to say about Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies but it’s really cool to leave it short and simple. You can, however, visit to find out more.…

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How Does TheTechnology Of LED Work?

As the day passes, the demand for LEDs is ever growing and is gaining much importance in the field of modern lighting systems. As per the present situation, where the interior designing is at a fast pace, LEDs account for nearly 45 percent of brand new installations both in the indoor and the outdoor lighting schemes. This is mainly because the advantages of these kinds of lightings are numerous when compared to others.

Construction of an LED and its working

Basically, a Light Emitting Diode consists of a semiconductor material that allows the current passage only in a single direction. So, when a forward external current is applied or say when the diode is forward biased, the electrons inside have a tendency to combine with the positive holes releasing photons. This property is referred to as the electroluminescence and is the main reason behind the glowing of LED bulbs. The brightness depends on the doping level of the semiconductor. Further, the color of LED emission is entirely based on the energy gap provided inside the semiconductor component.

Usually, the LED structure is precisely packed and is small in area. The optical components are integrated in such a figural manner so that its radiation pattern helps in enhancing reflection mode. Visit this site to know more about the working pattern.


Presently, they are installed in such a manner that it finds the total replacement of traditional lighting sources.

  • For doing interiors: LEDs are a perfect lighting solution for home interiors as well as outdoors as they bestow the beauty with efficiency.

  • Automobile lighting: The daylight and the indicators of automobiles like cars and airbuses are exclusively designed with white LEDs that shows off its elegance.

  • Communication technology: The neat and the miniature forms of LEDs has made a drastic development with video displays and its associated sensors along with its high switching rate are really made useful in advanced telecommunication systems.

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The Best 10 Popular Technology Trends in Sewing

Still on technology and the way it is impacting our lives and how things are done; we shall, without ado, talk about ten (10) popular technological trends that are making waves in the fashion industry today.

  1. Sewing Machines in connection: With the Dürkopp Adler’s monitoring system; it is now possible to link up to 1500 sewing machines in a network. This will help to monitor the productivity rate[as well as other relevant parameters] of the sewing machines.
  2. Electronic Stitching: Though there are quite a good number of technologies that makes this possible but the DigiFlex Electronic Feed Control deserves a noteworthy mention. Asides making electronic steering motion a reality, it also allows stitching to be done more accurately and even faster.
  3. Pedal-less sewing: Ten years back, who would have thought that saving in a pedal-less manner would ever be possible? Well, that’s exactly what the Xi’an Typical Europe’s Vetron Trace Technology brings to the table.
  4. Voice Automation: There is an array of sewing machines that have been integrated with technology that enables them to be regulated by voice thus making sewing somewhat seamless.
  5. Synchronizing sewing machine with smart device: A variety of sewing machines are equipped with Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth technology, and this enables one to adjust the settings [of the machines] through an app on the smart device.
  6. Vision sewing: This is another technology that has taken the sewing industry by storm. The technology can helpfashion designers to actualize complex sewing techniques with the aid of a camera and processor plus a software application.
  7. Sewing machine with USB ports: To enable the easy transfer of data between computerized sewing machines, a couple of brands [of sewing machines] have USB port integrated into them.
  8. Computerized with LCD: For the ease of operation, features such as LCD display unit is built into sewing machine. In some instances, these usually have Touchscreen capability.
  9. Modular sewing: The technology has hit the sewing machine and is currently helping fashion designers to cut cost to a large extent.
  10. 3D Printing: When it’s about putting finishing touches; then one can engage 3D printing technology which is making 3D design on clothes easy by the day.

If you are among the lot who love to sew and you’re hoping to set up your workspace to a good taste, you will have to exercise some caution before triggering any purchase. It is advisable that you go through sewing machine reviews, and do not attempt to do anything in a hurry.…

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