Feminism, Technology, and the Kardashians 2018

Kardashians makes to feel every day that one can be beautiful, hardworking and gracious when there is a sense of humor. To the naysayer’s opinion about them is they are found to be ditzy, ruined and made up overly in the sensations of media. But they are really found to be more powerful and female role models with the courageous that we have to learn something from them. Kardashians are found to be the feminist icon. Kardashians in the Instagram showed summer sultry look with the louis vuitton bags for less price.

1) Kardashian –Jenner family

Jenner is a successful and the strong women who are headed by the women. Every Kardashians have owned their unique pathways and became stardom with the help of their moms who made effort. Kim, Khloe, Kendal, and Kylie are known to the world by their mom only.

2) Incredibly successful businesswomen

Kardashians are involved in the job as Kylie cosmetics worth is around $20 million. Kendal is a supermodel with the paycheck of $22 million. Clothing stores are run by the Khole and Kourtney. Kim made numerous businesses and found to highly worth among other sisters.

3) They show motherhood is not a weakness

All the Kardashians as successful careers is also having the role of mom in their life. According to their says, being a family woman you can get success in the career. To be a successful woman they are found to be stenotypes.

4) In complete control of publicity

In the pop culture, Kylie had a pregnancy without knowing the world. It shows her complete maturity and she neglected the unwanted publicity about her pregnancy to the world. They are mostly watched by the public, but with the help of the show, websites and apps they are able to manage exclusively in the press which goes about them.…

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