4 Cool Ways to Tech Out Your Old Car

Sometimes it may not be feasible to change your old car due to financial difficulties.  But an old car makes you feel low especially when your kids’ question about missing the latest features in the car.  There are simple ways to tech out your old car.  Using these you can surprise your friends at a very low budget next time when they step inside your old car.

Fit a car Camera:  Car cameras are separately available in the market.  Buy and fit a car camera on the dashboard.  Your family can use the camera to view videos from android mobile. Also, you can connect the camera to the app and enable security options.

Power inverter:  Power inverter will help to charge laptops, lights, camera, and phones.  When you buy these accessories it is important to focus on the quality and durability of the gadgets.  Buy from reliable sources like https://www.247spares.co.uk

Mobile hotspot:  Old cars will not be having in-built wi-fi.   Hence whenever you were driving, you could not access your favorite music on the internet.   Imagine how convenient it would be to set up a mobile hotspot in your old car.   This will be of great help in adding other gadgets like GPS to your car.  During travel, your kids will get bored when there are no iPods or games.  Now that you have a mobile hotspot they can have uninterrupted fun during travel.  This will help you manage the kids easily.

Headrest monitor and DVD player:  A headrest DVD player will obviously make others think that your car is new.  Your kids can watch movies and videos.  These can be operated using a remote or touchscreen.  This gives a better viewing of movies for the entire family.  Long travels will be made interesting when you install a headrest monitor.…

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Five Incredible Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier

When I wasn’t working!

They say the other side is always greener. And so it is!!

When I wasn’t working, I would have given a limb to be connected all the time. It was fascinating to be amidst so much that was happening around; the buzzing and the beeping and staying connected with friends and colleagues.

Okay, but once I did get back to work from a prolonged hiatus, I realized that sometimes I wanted to get away from all humdrum.

But then on vacations, I would dread being isolated. So I was getting used to being connected all the time. I wanted action all the time in my life and I knew that even though I felt like throwing down the computer form the fifteenth floor felt that I lived in, I could not live without being digitally connected for more than a few days.

Digital fasting, move on; it is not for me.

Here is how incredibly technology has changed and is continually changing our lives.

  1. The telecommunication:

This has changed lives; literally been saving lives if I can say. I have known how doctors connect with their patients remotely and help them with Medicare over the phone and I cannot help but lift my head and tilt it for technology!

  1. Reading devices!

Can you even imagine a substitute for books?

Reading is so rudimentary and when I first saw my kindle backlight, I almost immediately fell head over heels!!

  1. Augmented reality:

Research and statistics would have been so different if it were not for the virtual and augmented reality that we have as a boon from technological progress. I am zapped when the technologists say that it is only the tip of the iceberg!!

  1. Everything smart eh:

Smartphones, smart network, and smart grids, everything small and tiny but smart has replaced the bulky and the unpotable. Check how your phone now doubles up as your minicomputer!

  1. Smart bikes:

Electric bikes and motorized vehicles are your best bet in transportation. Check out https://www.motorizedrides.com to know how you can be mobile and save money yet not leaving any carbon footprint at all!

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The Best Time to Introduce Your Child to a Smartphone or Tablet

The moment they are able to get a hold of an item in their grasp, kids go after electronic devices of different types, especially smartphones and tablets. As you take note of many little-sized fingerprints on your tablet or smartphone than yours, it might be an ideal opportunity to allow acquainting your youngster with a handheld remote gadget.

A smartphone is a cutting edge phone that functions on its personal operating system. On the other hand, a tablet PC is similar to a laptop which is smaller in size, having a touch screen which is flat and easily portable. Here are a few useful hints on how and when to acquaint your kid with either of these innovations.

Hold up Until Preschool

As little children have a greater affinity to press buttons, swipe through slides and watch video recordings, it need not necessarily indicate they are prepared to handle a PC. Specialists suggest holding up till your kid has at the most reached pre-school. It is found that kids below the age of two learn the most from real life exposures and encounters. By the time they reach three years, most of the children became frequently seen online and might even profit by viewing educational substance on the web.

Parental Guidance Required:

Specialists prescribe guardians be extremely engaged with their kid’s involvement with electronic gadgets, particularly at a youthful age. Connect with your child as he experiments with another application, making inquiries concerning the latest games available on StarWalkKids and calling attention to various parts of the substance. This training is known as co-viewing, while watching TVcan assist to increment your youngster’s cognizance abilities.

Content Matters:

Even though you choose a cell phone via your remote transporter, or for a considerable lot of alternate select tablets that keep on hitting the market, there will be a lot of child agreeable substance to ponder. A smart thought is to search for an age restriction put upon the application, remembering what your youngster can deal with.…

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Welche soziale Netzwerke am meisten benutzt werden

Social Media Marketing ist eines der effektivsten Werkzeuge für jedes Unternehmen, um die Aufmerksamkeit der Zielgruppe zu erfassen. Wenn Sie versucht, ihre Glaubwürdigkeit aufzubauen, müsste ein Unternehmen mit den Kunden in einer Sprache sprechen, die Sie über die Kanäle verstehen, in denen Sie am aktivsten sind. Hier kommen Social-Media-Kanäle ins Bild. Bevor Sie sich für einen Social-Media-Kanal entscheiden, der für die Marketingkampagnen für Ihr Unternehmen genutzt werden soll, finden Sie mehr infos über den Kanal und die Art der Nutzer, die den Kanal nutzen. Dies sollte im Einklang mit dem Thema Ihres Unternehmens stehen. Hier sind die meistgenutzten Social-Media-Netzwerke auf der ganzen Welt –


Das ist ein Ort, an dem sich Menschen aller Altersgruppen mit Ihren Freunden und bekannten verbinden und neue Freundschaften schließen. Vom Teilen von Fotos und Beiträgen bis hin zu Live-Videos, Location-Updates und Aktivitäts-Updates ist Facebook eine intuitive Plattform, die für Nutzer entwickelt wurde, um mit der Welt alle schönen Updates ihres Lebens zu teilen.


Für den Austausch von Videos, für Unternehmen, um Updates oder Produkt-Demo in Form von Videos zu geben, Kunden, um Tutorials zu finden, wie-zu Videos für DIY-Projekte und für Inspiration gibt es keinen besseren Ort als diese.


Geschichten werden lebendig mit Fotos und wenn wir über Fotos sprechen, ist Instagram die erste Social-Media-Seite, die uns in den Sinn kommt.


Kurze und süße tweets erreichen Millionen von Zuschauern auf der ganzen Welt in kürzester Zeit.


Die Leute lieben es, sofortige Nachrichten-Updates zu erhalten, und dafür gibt es einen zuverlässigen Kanal, den wir alle abonnieren und der Reddit ist. Informationen über alles und jedes können auf diesem Social-Media-Kanal gesammelt werden.


Für den Anbau Ihres professionellen Netzwerks ist LinkedIn der effektivste Social-Media-Kanal.


DIY-Projekte, neue Ideen sind in diesem Social-Media-Netzwerk im Überfluss zu finden.

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