Tips for understanding 3D computer graphics

Looking out for a good 3D rendering studio for your projects? Want good quality 3D animations to boost up your business or to ace your project? When you start shopping around for a good graphics designer, you are bound to hear “my 3d rendering studio in sydney is the best” but are you sure this is the best? Our favorite is

In order to be certain you are investing in the right place, you need to know a little about 3D rendering and computer graphics. Here are some tips to help anyone understand this complicated world a little more:

What Is 3D?

So what exactly is 3D? This is nothing but the same image you see on paper but in 3 dimensions. The images are usually printed in 2 dimensional, which gives you the flat look. If one remembers high school geometry, they will be familiar with X axis and Y axis. This is what exists in 2D, but in a 3D, there is a Z-axis, which gives the depth to the drawing.

3D in Computer Graphics

So how does 3D fit into the world of computer graphics? Any image that is represented on a three-axis system is a 3D image. Unlike real-world objects are shown in 3D, where the objects exist and you can touch and feel, these computer graphics drawing are only mathematically represented. Meaning, this is just a collection of data points that mark a number of different coordinates in the digital space, thus making the image look almost real.

If this is done well, the image looks more real. The key to finding the best designer for your 3D renders is to see how realistic the renders are. The more they look like photographs, the better they are.

The Software

For those who are interested in doing the 3D renders themselves, this is not a complicated task anymore. There are a number of software packages for creating 3D images and these programs do the math themselves. Most of this software has the ability to display the 3D model in semi-realistic light and textures, giving you a chance to check your image before processing it.

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