The Best 10 Popular Technology Trends in Sewing

Still on technology and the way it is impacting our lives and how things are done; we shall, without ado, talk about ten (10) popular technological trends that are making waves in the fashion industry today.

  1. Sewing Machines in connection: With the Dürkopp Adler’s monitoring system; it is now possible to link up to 1500 sewing machines in a network. This will help to monitor the productivity rate[as well as other relevant parameters] of the sewing machines.
  2. Electronic Stitching: Though there are quite a good number of technologies that makes this possible but the DigiFlex Electronic Feed Control deserves a noteworthy mention. Asides making electronic steering motion a reality, it also allows stitching to be done more accurately and even faster.
  3. Pedal-less sewing: Ten years back, who would have thought that saving in a pedal-less manner would ever be possible? Well, that’s exactly what the Xi’an Typical Europe’s Vetron Trace Technology brings to the table.
  4. Voice Automation: There is an array of sewing machines that have been integrated with technology that enables them to be regulated by voice thus making sewing somewhat seamless.
  5. Synchronizing sewing machine with smart device: A variety of sewing machines are equipped with Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth technology, and this enables one to adjust the settings [of the machines] through an app on the smart device.
  6. Vision sewing: This is another technology that has taken the sewing industry by storm. The technology can helpfashion designers to actualize complex sewing techniques with the aid of a camera and processor plus a software application.
  7. Sewing machine with USB ports: To enable the easy transfer of data between computerized sewing machines, a couple of brands [of sewing machines] have USB port integrated into them.
  8. Computerized with LCD: For the ease of operation, features such as LCD display unit is built into sewing machine. In some instances, these usually have Touchscreen capability.
  9. Modular sewing: The technology has hit the sewing machine and is currently helping fashion designers to cut cost to a large extent.
  10. 3D Printing: When it’s about putting finishing touches; then one can engage 3D printing technology which is making 3D design on clothes easy by the day.

If you are among the lot who love to sew and you’re hoping to set up your workspace to a good taste, you will have to exercise some caution before triggering any purchase. It is advisable that you go through sewing machine reviews, and do not attempt to do anything in a hurry.…

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