Top 10 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Creating a video and uploading it does not guarantee that people will watch your video. Therefore, you need to find a way to promote your Channel on YouTube.

Different Ways to Promote YouTube Channel:

These are effective YouTube Kanal Marketing tips and they will help you get numerous views in very little time.

Write Engaging Titles: A short, meaningful title containing the keyword is what you need.

YouTube SEO: Good Organic search is an excellent way to promote YouTube channel. Follow YouTube SEO best practices that include tags, categories, engagement, mention keywords during the video and include target keyword in title and description.

Get Active on YouTube Community: It is always a good way to promote your videos by getting active on YouTube Community.

Get to know your Audience: You need to understand the audience whom you plan to target. You can check out your competitors’ videos and see the topic that gets the maximum views. If you already have videos on your channel use YouTube Analytics for details like location, engagement, demographics and much more.

Custom Thumbnails:  By default, YouTube picks any random click from your video as a thumbnail. However, an effective way to promote your channel is to create a custom thumbnail.

Target Google SERPs: It is always a good idea to have your video come on Google page, try to target Google SERPs.

Cross-Promote Videos: Tell people about your videos in other videos. Plus, if people you can ask other YouTubers to talk about your videos.

YouTube Give Away: People always love gifts and giveaways. Allow them to enter a contest by viewing your video, liking it and subscribing to your channel. You can then choose a winner for the giveaway.

Create Playlist: The more videos you create, the more difficult it becomes for people to look into them. However, you can simplify things by creating a playlist, as this will make your subscriber’s life easy.

Recurring Video: While trying to attract new users, you need to retain the old ones by coming up with recurring videos.…

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