Hostgator v/s Bluehost Customer Support Comparison

Customer Support is a very important aspect for every company. Not every person is self made technician and you can’t fix everything yourself. Can you? It is obvious that while choosing a web hosting company people will generally look upon the company which provides excellent technical support. And why won’t they? Because any server downtime or any problem in the web page can cause problems which is needed to be mend ASAP.

Hostgator and BlueHost both are web hosting companies which are in tremendous demand nowadays. If becomes difficult for the people to know who provides best customer services. Check Hostgator Hosting v/s Bluehost Hosting comparison here.

You want to be able to get the help you need when you need it, obviously you can’t expect need of the service after the next day of the problem(because there will come a time when you need support from your hosting company as well). Therefore it is important to have a web hosting company who has high quality, quick response, Friendly and experienced customer and technician for support who can mend your problems in no time.

Bluehost provides their customers with several ways of communicating them for various reasons. There are toll-free numbers one can call on, for sales, web hosting, tech support and WordPress support. And also, they have a method through which you can even submit tickets and chat. BlueHost customer service is quite responsive. When you send a query through support ticket, chat or phone you will get a instant reply. That type of work everyone needs, doesn’t it? Also there is a 24/7 support personnel available in the various areas like Account management, Sales and Tech support.

The expertise persons in Sales will even give you consultancy 24/7 on any area you need. They will properly know your online goal and give you a generalized advice which will prove useful further. In Technical support they are ready to answer any questions regarding your email, web page, domain, file management and more. BlueHost customer services will also provide you to manage your account and the product you have purchased.


You are given different ways to get in touch with the service.

From the support Panel provided, there are various options you can select for getting any help you need. You can contact the customer support by phone, you can get help with billing, can even start a live chat (now that’s quite interesting!) or can even check any other option in the forum that can help.

Like BlueHost, HostGator too gives a quick response towards your query.
Chat time is instant, Billing support varies in time and depends on the day you chose to send your problems, if you give a call you will get an instant answer. HostGator too is renowned for best customer support.

With the help of active technicians that are quick, Friendly and helpful your query can be resolved in a matter of time. Also there are also hundreds of videos and tutorials available 24/7 that are helpful. There are no automated machines, but manual help provides solutions real quick. Just a call on Hostgator Customer Support. HostGator expert representatives are available to assist you 24/7/365. For them No issue is too big or too small!

So when we compare both the web hosting companies, I guess it will be a tie, because both HostGator and BlueHost are real quick and impressive in their performance. Technical team leaves no effort to resolve your problem.

Also people, you need to understand that sometimes there are too many clients request for service, so maybe sometime it may take longer for the company to respond to your support problem.…

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