Super Cool Ways Technology Can Help Plan Your Ideal Wedding

Getting engaged and getting married are great things to look forwards to, planning the wedding is usually a nightmare though, it’s a tedious task that takes time and effort that no one looks forward to. There are number of incredibly good technological solutions to your problem however, these services range from automated wedding invites to coordination on fashionwear and using the best internet connectivity to stream directly to family and friends outside of town. These services have the potential to make it a lot easier to plan out and do a wedding, which is why we’ve created this guide to show you super cool ways technology can help you plan your ideal wedding.

One such example of a great tech service for an ideal wedding is a 3-D printed cake, having your cake have exquisitely designed and 3D printed Cake decorations is a great show-off to all your friends and family coming in-town to visit. One such idea is like a 3-D printed Candy Cane as a part of this cake!

Live-streaming is another example of a new technology to use for your ideal wedding, the way people are now livestreaming is using an HD camera on a mobile or tablet device to live-stream the entirety of the wedding. People from all around the world can view the wedding from their own devices easily and it’s quite easy for them to leave feedback and comments.

Drones can also be used to get great angled images or videos (combine it with livestreaming for example! find out more at pixelicious), this is a great opportunity for you to start using robotics and drone technology to your advantage, it’s quite expensive but overall, it’s a good idea to get snapshots of the wedding from afar and from a good angle.

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