AL ALI Yousef Mohammed

Public Transport Agency Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Yousif Al Ali is the CEO of the Public Transport Agency  in the Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, Dubai. He has headed various departments at the RTA since his inception in 2009 which included him being the CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation from 2011-2013.

He holds a doctorate in Engineering  and is an active member in a number of local and international organizations, institutions and committees, including a member in the “Supreme Council of Energy”, Chairman of “Energy and Green Economy Committee” in  the RTA, American Society for Quality, and an active member in the UITP conference team to name a few.

Presentation Abstract

The presentation discusses the role of Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai, RTA, as an organizing authority to enhance the efficiency and innovation within the public transport industry. RTA recognizes the strategic, managerial, economic and social importance of Public Transport and has made a strategic objective to genuinely contribute in the innovation within this industry.

The presentation discusses how the efficiency of public transport could be aligned with the current global trend to adopt sustainability and green economy issues and to enrich innovation efforts within the industry. Some world-wide innovative attempts to improve the Public Transport Industry are included in the presentation to highlight the extent that humanity can go for, or even farther, in its innovation efforts. 

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