Railway and Transport StrategyCentre, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr Roger Allport  Is a qualified civil engineer and transport economist whose career has been in consultancy. He has advised governments, banks and private project developers on urban transport and rail policy and been responsible for planning metros in Bangkok, Bogotá, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Lahore, London and Singapore. 

He has been a member of UK Institution of Civil Engineers/ Actuarial profession working groups on risk analysis and management for 15 years. He is Honorary Senior Research Fellow at RTSC, Imperial College. and led RTSC’s case study into metro strategic risk mangement‘.

His PhD thesis ‘Improving Decision-making for Major Urban Rail Projects’ identified a change agenda to improve project development success (Imperial College London, 2008). Roger has published widely and contributed to regional conferences, seminars and workshops.

Presentation Abstract

Effective risk management is increasingly necessary as operators are held to account for delivering successful services. Some operators are looking to competitive advantage to expand their operations elsewhere, others face competition to retain their existing operations, all need to work hard to engage with and create satisfied stakeholders. Increasingly all operators will need to implement effective risk management processes to survive and thrive.

It is early days for risk management and the experiences of the Nova and CoMET metros reflect this. Some operators are world class. Some are well up the risk management learning curve while others have yet to decide this is necessary, or do not have the leadership buy-in that makes it possible. All however are becoming aware of its importance and many have decided they wish to make rapid progress over the next few years.

The presentation will summarise the experiences of these metros by reference to a major case study completed in 2011 and a recent update survey.  It will highlight the main lessons learned and the prospects for metro managements to proactively manage their operations.

Congress & Exhibition: 

Parallel Session 17 – Through the looking glass: Risk management in Public Transport

Uncertainties and complexities engrained in public transport system management are important challenges faced by Public Transport operators. This perception on risks and their significance can be seen in other sectors and industries, where companies with more mature risk management practices tend to outperform their peers financially.