Province Gelderland, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Member of the Provincial Executive Board

On 5th April 2011, Conny Bieze (1957, Twello) was appointed Provincial Executive for Instrastructure, Economy and the Environment in Gelderland on behalf of the liberal VVD party (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy).  

Before becoming a member of the Provincial Executive of Gelderland, Conny Bieze served two periods as member of the Provincial Council on behalf of the VVD. In December 2010, she was elected as chairwoman of the party in Gelderland. After graduating with a law degree, she lectured in economics for a number of years. For eight years she was a member of the municipal council in the Municipality of Voorst, a municipality with 24,000 residents. She was self-employed, running a real estate office, together with her husband. According to Conny Bieze  government should serve businesses and citizens, rather than forming barriers. She believes in personal initiative. 

“Be creative. Don’t just accept things as they are. Dare to look outside the box.”

As a member of the municipal council, she was passionate in her efforts to retain public transport in rural areas. In 1996 she received the Public Transport Plus Prize for introducing the first project in the Netherlands in which public transport was combined with transport for the disabled. This project was the starting point for the regional taxi system now introduced all over the Netherlands. In 2014, with much acclaim, she introduced Flexnet: a new way of managing public transport in rural areas struggling with population decline. The Liberal group of the European Committee of the Region in Brussels has handed out the award for EU Ambassador 2014 to Conny Bieze, during the Leader Awards on December 10.  She received this price due to her valuable contribution to the Dutch-German Cooperation and the modernization of public transport in the province of Gelderland.

Presentation Abstract

People want to travel from one place to another when it suits them, in a comfortable way, reasonably priced and preferably while doing other things besides watching the road. The public transport as we know it is no longer up to the job and doesn't fit the demands of people in flexibility and comfort. In the province Gelderland we want to stimulate new mobility concepts like: car sharing, bike sharing, volunteer projects for elderly, hospitals that organize the transport of visitors and patients themselves, unions of shopkeepers who organize a bus etc. and new techniques e.g. self-driving car as we are convinced that in the future the difference between private transport and public transport will be non-existent. People want to go from A to B and ideally they will use a new flexible concept and not their own car; as second best there is the government financed public transport. 

Congress & Exhibition: 

Parallel Session 12 - Enhancing the customer experience and engagement

Megatrends including demotorisation and changing lifestyles have and will have a strong influence on mobility demand in the future. Our first speaker will show us how new ideas and concepts can meet the needs of ever demanding customers in the Province Gelderland (NL). Customer focus and satisfaction will be central to the second speech dealing with customer experience management and a real-world experience from Sydney.