Transport for New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Deputy Director General

Tony Braxton-Smith is Deputy Director General, Customer Experience at Transport for NSW. His role is to advocate for the customer by applying the evidence base on customer needs and satisfaction levels to guide key decisions and actions across all transport agencies. He also directs programs for brand, marketing campaigns, public affairs, customer information services, wayfinding and the custumer environement, customer relations and service improvement.

Tony'scareer spans 30 years in hospitality, services and tourism in leadership roles with Sheraton hotels and the P&O Group, then more recently as CEO of Dreamworld (Australia's largest theme park) and then CEO of Great Southern Rail (operator of Australia's transcontinental rail services).

Tony is currently the Chair of the UITP Australia New Zealand Customer Experience Working Group and has been actively involved as a keynote speaker in local UITP events.

Presentation Abstract

Customer Experience Management (CEM) aims to strategically coordinate and orchestrate a consistent customer experience across all touch-points, to deliver outcomes and benefits that match customer requirements and expectations.  Application of CEM principles in public transport requires five inter-related areas of management focus:

·         Discovering Customer Value Propositions: Using “Customer In” thinking and structured research to identify the attributes of the service that drive value for customers.

·         Mapping Customer Requirements:  Applying insights to identify the core drivers of customer satisfaction then translating them in to performance based service requirements.

·         Aligning Brand Experience: Developing a brand model and brand strategy that supports public transport objectives, and aligning its execution across the service portfolio.

·         Engineering Customer Interfaces:  Reshaping the customer service environments (both virtual and physical); delivering consistent information, communications and engagement across all channels; and influencing the character of service interactions with staff.

·         Fostering Innovation: using customer generated insights and feedback loops; and setting KPI’s based on customer outcomes, linked to incentives and rewards.

Application of this model will be illustrated with recent digital information projects from Sydney.

Congress & Exhibition: 

Parallel Session 12 - Enhancing the customer experience and engagement

Megatrends including demotorisation and changing lifestyles have and will have a strong influence on mobility demand in the future. Our first speaker will show us how new ideas and concepts can meet the needs of ever demanding customers in the Province Gelderland (NL). Customer focus and satisfaction will be central to the second speech dealing with customer experience management and a real-world experience from Sydney.