NIR Erez

Moovit, Nes Ziona, Israel
Chief Executive Officer

Nir Erez is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience leading technology startups. Nir is the CEO and Co-founder of Moovit. He is also a Co-founder and Co-owner of Eyron, a holding group of software companies and a seed investment group. Nir was the Founder and CEO of ActionBase Corporation, a U.S.-based enterprise software company that was acquired in 2003. He was also the Founder, COO and a board member at OptimalTest, a leading software company that provides a revolutionary solution to the semiconductors testing world.

Prior to founding Moovit in 2011, Nir led the investment arm of Eyron Group focused on early-stage software companies. He holds a B.Sc. in Physics.

Presentation abstract:

The power of crowdsourced technology to change the transit experience

With 7 billion people in the world and only 900 million cars, the "one-person one-car model" for urban transportation is unsustainable, and encouraging use of mass transit is a key part of addressing this challenge.  But transit takes time, and can be frustrating -- 81% of people report being most frustrated by not knowing when transit will arrive.

Moovit is changing the way way people experience transit around the world, by making it easier for people to access the transit information they need to get where they're going. Moovit's unique approach to data combines crowdsourced data contributed by the user community with official transit sources to give better routing and arrival time predictions. This presentation will examine how Moovit's unique approach to data is improving the transport experience, and the ways we collaborate with transport operators and authorities to deliver improved service to passengers.

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