Urban Development Department, Government of Karnataka, India
Architect and Transport Planner, Directorate of Urban Land Transport

Richa Pandey, Architect &Transport planner at The Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Urban Developement Department, Government of Karnataka, India. She is an Architect and Transport planner by profession and has been working for DULT for the last one and half years.

Born in the year 1989 in India, from an early age had an affinity towards art and design. She obtained her degree in architecture in the year 2011. During her final years of graduation she had developed an interest to integrate design to urban transport. In pursuit of her interest, she enrolled herself in School of Planning, CEPT University Ahmedabad and graduated in the year 2013. 

The dream of working with public sector, for people and for the city, came true when she became part of DULT where she has had the opportunity to work on projects like Station accessibility plans for Bangalore metro, comprehensive mobility plans, women safety aspects and Cycle Day which is on the lines of bringing streets back to people.

She has a dream of making Indian cities beautiful in every aspect. She is looking forward to learn and share her experience in this conference.

Presentation Abstract

The project concentrates on urban planning and transport planning aspect to get the expected results. The project assesses the impact of land use around the metro station on the choice of modes made by people. It will also ponder upon the aspect of connectivity of the neighborhoods to each other and to the transport hubs nearby. Project is also focused on integrating various modes keeping non-motorized users as first priority. Provision of safe and equal opportunity to people from all strata of the society (currently not connected because of physical barrier; Railway track). As this area is one of the oldest parts of the town, keeping its historical identity intact is also focused on. Results:

- The results of the project will be in the form of planning and design solutions to unused storm water drain/canal turning into walking and bicycling route for people to reach metro station

- Connecting the presently unconnected slum settlement to provide equal opportunity to use the metro station  and other modes of transportation

- Integration of modes of transport for hassle free interchange and use

- Pedestrian priority network for safe and easy movement of pedestrians ,hassle free movement around the area

Congress & Exhibition: 

Lunch session 4 - Designing Public Transport for all

Accessibility is more and more presented as a key element in general transport policy to offer a high-quality, efficient and sustainable transport system. A transport system integrating accessible design caters to the needs of people with physical, mental, or environmental conditions but in the end benefits all of us.

From the architecture, urban planning, service design to new smart phone applications, “accessibility” embraces public transport on the whole.