PUND George William

George William Pund
Picture That Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia

Dr George Pund is highly regarded in Australia for his advice on srategic transport planning.  He is a previous member of the UITP Australia New Zealand Board of Management.

George has held key senior executive positions in state and local government. George was City Transport Manager for Brisbane, Australia’s third largest city, and later headed the strategic planning division of Queensland Department of Main Roads (South-east Queensland).

George has expert knowledge of the principles of integrating land use and transport and has applied these in developing regional transport strategies, corridor studies and feasibility studies of rail, light rail and bus rapid transit proposals.

Presentation abstract:

Trips in major Australian cities tend to be dispersed yet due to a since altered historical land use structure, public transport systems tend to be largely radial to the major CBD. The public transport system while gaining growing patronage is generally only able to compete with private motoring for a limited proportion of trips. The dilemma is that the mode share to public transport improves only marginally while impressive, costly but necessary investments are made in overcoming capacity constraints on the radial arms of the network.

The initiatives described in the presentation have enabled the public transport systems in Australian cities to respond to travel markets beyond the work based radial market to the major CBD. This has been achieved by providing additional links in the public transport network that connect across the strong radial arms.

A conclusion of the presentation is that a connected network is not the only policy that needs to be pursued to increase public transport mode share in sprawling cities, but it is probably an essential element.


Congress & Exhibition: 

Lunch session 5 - The Public Transport challenge in sprawling cities and low density areas

This session will bring together speakers from different cities across the world that face similar challenges in relation to providing high quality public transport in low density urban environments.  It will explore the transformative effect that public transport can have on urban environments, making them more productive and sustainable places to live.

Speakers from Montreal, Sydney, Auckland and the Gold Coast will address issues such as transport and land use planning integration, integrated mobility planning and infrastructure delivery.