Antti Vuorela
Helsinki Region Transport (HSL), Helsinki, Finland
Head of Group

MSCE Antti Vuorela is the Head of the Operational Research Group at Helsinki Region (HSL) Transport.  Mr. Vuorela has over twenty years of varied experience in tasks related to public transport and transport systems. He graduated from the Technical University of Helsinki in 1990 with majors in traffic engineering, and transport and materials economics. He also serves as an expert for the TAIEX program of the European Commission, and has lectured in transport topics e.g. in Albania, Jordan, Poland and in Israel. He was brought up in an international environment and attended an international school in Dar es Salaam Tanzania in the 1970s. Mr. Vuorela has worked as a project manager in several significant public transport development projects. Also, he has acted as the Vice Chair of the international BEST (Benchmarking European Public Transport) survey in. In his work, he has networked with experts in the field from across the world.

Presentation abstract

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) manages the quality of the fleet by random inspections of the vehicles, conducted by an independent research company. The inspections generate repair tasks that are forwarded to the vehicle operators for action. Before, the process was laborious and sporadic due to the large amount of manual work. HSL commissioned a new web based tool, the Jola Web that corrected these problems. The work was done in collaboration with the research company, vehicle operators and the IT developer (Data Rangers) using Agile techniques. The results were very good: the research company gained a more tractable data collection process and less work in data quality work, the vehicle operators gained more accurate description of the mechanical problems and a clear system to discuss and close the repair tasks, and HSL gained a quality management process that requires less work and resources, and produces better results.


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