Ben Whitaker
Masabi Mobile Tickets, London, United Kingdom
Head of Innovation

A classic visionary, Ben helped define the UK rail mobile ticketing standard and move the weight of industry opinion behind it. He is also a security expert with a strong engineering background, designing Masabi’s award-winning encryptMe product. Prior to founding Masabi, Ben worked at IBM, Xerox and Raytheon (Encrypted Radar Systems) on projects ranging from computer interface usability to military cryptography. Ben has an MEng degree in Engineering and Management (MET) from Cambridge University.

Presentation abstract:

Two Case Studies of how mTicketing has come of age into full production, showing mTicketing becoming the largest sales channel for commuter rail, and also being able to deploy across a multi-mode capital city in months rather than years. Featuring Boston and Athens in deployments of mTicketing as a standard part of the ticketing tool set, rather than just an add-on for special events.

1: Mobile Ticketing can quickly become your largest sales channel – a case study of mTicketing overtaking TVM’s and sales windows to transform the cost of fare collection and cut infrastructure requirements for Boston.

2: How a cloud-based fare collection service can deploy across whole capital cities in months rather than years for bus, subway and rail in Athens.

Congress & Exhibition: