Five Incredible Ways Technology Is Making Life Easier

When I wasn’t working!

They say the other side is always greener. And so it is!!

When I wasn’t working, I would have given a limb to be connected all the time. It was fascinating to be amidst so much that was happening around; the buzzing and the beeping and staying connected with friends and colleagues.

Okay, but once I did get back to work from a prolonged hiatus, I realized that sometimes I wanted to get away from all humdrum.

But then on vacations, I would dread being isolated. So I was getting used to being connected all the time. I wanted action all the time in my life and I knew that even though I felt like throwing down the computer form the fifteenth floor felt that I lived in, I could not live without being digitally connected for more than a few days.

Digital fasting, move on; it is not for me.

Here is how incredibly technology has changed and is continually changing our lives.

  1. The telecommunication:

This has changed lives; literally been saving lives if I can say. I have known how doctors connect with their patients remotely and help them with Medicare over the phone and I cannot help but lift my head and tilt it for technology!

  1. Reading devices!

Can you even imagine a substitute for books?

Reading is so rudimentary and when I first saw my kindle backlight, I almost immediately fell head over heels!!

  1. Augmented reality:

Research and statistics would have been so different if it were not for the virtual and augmented reality that we have as a boon from technological progress. I am zapped when the technologists say that it is only the tip of the iceberg!!

  1. Everything smart eh:

Smartphones, smart network, and smart grids, everything small and tiny but smart has replaced the bulky and the unpotable. Check how your phone now doubles up as your minicomputer!

  1. Smart bikes:

Electric bikes and motorized vehicles are your best bet in transportation. Check out to know how you can be mobile and save money yet not leaving any carbon footprint at all!

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