The beautiful woodcarvings in your furniture are the handiwork of the painstaking efforts of the artisans who are a numbered few today. Technology has immensely helped the artist to preserve those intricate designs that were a dying art from the remotest hamlet in the world. Persian carvings are famous across the world; preserving them with the use of modern 3dimesnsion technology has boosted the growth of the carpentry work to be included in the world map. The benefits are plenty for the artisans to join hands and preserve the ancient culture and the designs that cannot be replicated by any other only by the use of technology.

  • local artisans can use the technology to document the process of making the fine carvings and the smooth finishes on a piece of furniture
  • with the help of state government run schemes, the small carpenter can join to run a micro business venture
  • local carpentry can compete with the imports that are high in the Afghan countries
  • the quality of the produce is good, and the standards of quality and universal market appeal is competent to beat the other competitors in the global market
  • recent changes in the wood quality, the designs, and the high in demand furniture can be made, check out for the ancient crafts used to give a high selling piece of furniture
  • product training, computer-aided designs, laser engraving machines are giving more precise and faster-assembling techniques for the carpenters to finish the product on time, depending less on manual labor
  • development of the industry is high, as the technology helps difficult designs to be simplified and increase the business and boost economic growth

The support received from the government is quintessential in developing the carpentry community to match up to the global demands and display their work.

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