How Portable Adaptive Lighting can be Better for You

If you are an active individual who likes to cycle, trek or just plain walk at times, you will find it cumbersome to have different gear for different uses, especially in the lighting department. It can be frustrating at times to carry a flashlight for walks, a headlamp for trekking and a bike lamp for cycling. How would you like just one lamp for all occasions?

PAL – portable adaptive lighting is your pal in the true sense of the word. This technology can be paired with any accessory and can be used anywhere. This is a versatile lighting system that is suited for both indoors and outdoors.

How does PAL work?

PAL can be operated single-handedly. The uniqueness of this system is its smooth transition from electrical to mechanical to the magnetic connection. The tongue of the device has electrical contacts which allow electricity to pass between PAL and the accessories through Power coupling. The double tongue and a slot design ensure that the device is securely connected to the accessories mechanically. Finally, the magnetic poles ensure that the device is locked when rotated and is ready to use.

What about brightness

Lumen determine the brightness of a bulb; the higher the lumen the brighter and more intense the light. Just like you must know what flashlight has the most lumens, you must be aware of the brightness in PAL; you will be pleased to know that it has 350-lumen brightness. It has three powerful Cree XP-L LED bulbs to illuminate the way which is more than enough for all outdoor and indoor activities.

Why is PAL better

It is shock and water resistant and has intuitive buttons for easy usage. It can give up to 15 hours of unlimited light. It is easy to unscrew from the wall and connect to any device be it a head mount or a bicycle mount. It can be wall charged or USB charged thus be ready whenever the need arises.

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