How Technology Is Changing the Delivery Industry

The delivery industry has transformed how global economy functions in the last couple of decades. Businesses can make or break based on the shipment service they provide. Naturally big tech giants are working on innovative new ideas to increase the efficiency of delivery and reduce delivery time. Here are a few of those technologies currently in use.

  • Use of robots: CNN Tech reports that Amazon has now established a system of robotic shipment that has completely eliminated human intervention and reduced the shipping initiation time down to 1 minute, which means the shipments also work faster in reaching the customer bases.
  • Use of Drones: Drones are trending! Many major businesses see the appeal into using drones to deliver prime packages directly to customers, at their home. Naturally Amazon is one of the biggest tech giants leading the way, following by delivery giant DHL. These are the coolest drones around, which can get packages to the doors of customers in 30 minutes, which amazon is marketing as Prime Air Service. Discussions are underway on the safety and efficiency of this procedure, but it’s safe to say soon we will see delivery drones flying around.
  • Humanless transport: Sailorless ships and driverless cars are in. these vehicles can be controlled remotely, be completely autonomous, reduce human errors, and increase digital connectivity. Another huge positive of this is it also focuses on using sustainable energy.
  • Internet of things and smart shipping: IoT is revolutionizing how businesses collects data and process it. With the help of smart sensors and improved real time data collection of delivery routes, it is easier to predict which tracks use up more time per delivery at what time, which evidently cuts costs down by millions every year for companies.
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