• Congress registration: UITP Events Department, uitp2015registration(at)
  • Congress programme and speakers: Corentin Wauters, corentin.wauters(at)
  • Accommodation for Congress attendees: Newtours Venue Italia Srl, uitp2015hotel(at) 
  • Exhibitors: Hicham Badran, Director of Exhibitions, hicham.badran(at) or Jean-Frédéric Charles, Exhibition Operations Manager, jeanfrederic.charles(at)
  • Sponsorship: Anne-Lise Gilson, International Events Manager,  anne-lise.gilson(at)
  • Media partnership: Luljeta Likaj, Marketing Manager,  luljeta.likaj(at)
  • Press: Andrew Canning, Press & Media Manager, andrew.canning(at)
  • Membership: Marie-Béatrice Fabbri, marie-beatrice.fabbri(at)

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