The ultimate wedding technology that you should know in 2018

Planning the perfect wedding is a difficult task – there are so many different elements to consider. If you are planning a wedding for a tech-savvy couple, it’s important to be caught up with the latest technological trends and advances. There is loads of cool tech which can be used to make a wedding really special and unique – here we will explore some possibilities.

Drones are becoming more and more accessible, so they’re the perfect piece of tech to use at a wedding. Camera drones can be used to take photos or even videos from a really unique point of view. For those who are really into drones, they could even be used to deliver the wedding rings!

Live streaming is also becoming increasingly popular. You could ask a guest to live stream the whole day for friends and family who are unable to attend. This works especially well if you have traveled to another country to get married and many relatives can’t be there.

Similarly, you could set up your own hashtag for the wedding, which will allow guests to post their photos to social media throughout the day. You’re sure to have great fun looking through the moments captured by different guests, and it also means you won’t have to ask everyone to send you their photos afterward.

If you are looking for a stunning venue which isn’t a church, why not have your wedding at San Francisco City Hall? It is inexpensive to get married here, and it is open to everyone. Those who aren’t resident in California, or even the US, are able to apply for a marriage license as long as they are over 18 years old. The venue is also ideal for same-sex marriages.

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